I always loved the idea of sharing my thoughts with the world. That’s why I am a passionate musician that loves being on stage and sharing his creativity with the crowd and that’s also why I consider myself very fortunate that I ended up having a career in radio. I started out as a music director but eventually became a radio presenter on breakfast shows and I loved every single bit of it. During my journey I also discovered my passion for Podcasts. Not just enjoying them but more so producing my own podcasts about all sorts of topics. I believe good podcasts represent the essence of good radio. Always available, wherever and whenever we feel like being entertained but more importantly it’s about voices that guide one through a story or an exciting topic and give us a little break from our hectic millennial lives.

All of this led me to the idea of starting my own little podcast production company to help others to enter the world of podcasting. There are lots of great people in the world with lots of great ideas and topics for podcasts but putting it all together and creating a podcast is a whole different story. That’s why I’m excited with every project to guide and help others share their ideas with the world.